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While a section of India is almost entirely dependent on the world of e-commerce for even trivialities like a toothbrush, all the way to purchasing mobile phones, electronics, furniture and other products worth lacks of rupees – there still remains up to 90 percent of the population that is still unexposed to this part of the internet space.

Lack of awareness and exposure to the utilities of such services is the main reason for this ignorance. There are other causes like unavailability of good internet connectivity, smart devices, etc. that hamper the usage of e-commerce in the rural areas. This ignorance paves a way to baseless misconceptions that float amongst the majority of the rural and semi-urban population who don’t fully understand the process of how these online purchases work and thus, refrain from getting on with it.

The solution arrives in the form of a business model called the “Assisted e-commerce”. This is a simple process that requires a very small initial investment from the store owner in a rural area, and can really boost the world of e-commerce for good.

So let us try and understand what really assisted e-commerce is, and how is it a step towards digitalizing India.

  • Facing the facts, not everyone in this country is technologically sound enough to be able to enjoy the benefits of online shopping.
  • A majority of these technologically laid back people are vaguely aware of the development do carry a capability to learn quickly and adapt to a customer-friendly space.
  • Thus, with the assistance of someone who has the knowledge of this process, they can pretty much use this internet space for their gain.
  • The process includes the customer visiting the IndiaBuys established the store, where all the products are displayed to them on a screen.
  • They can scroll through the various sections, with the help of the store owner and understand the prices, discounts and policies for specific products are.
  • Next, the online order will be placed from the store, by the store owner. The product will be delivered to the store directly, where the customer can visit and inspect the product as per their convenience, within the stipulated timelines.
  • In case they don’t like the product, they can have the store owner return/exchange the product on their behalf.
  • If they are happy with the purchase, they can make the payments and leaves.

Thus, it a simple task that can really enable people from across the rural and semi-urban areas to actually enjoy the benefits, offers and discounts that e-commerce has to offer to them, all the way to their absolute customer satisfaction. Eventually, the majority of Indians can get comfortable with the idea of using the online space in their daily lifestyle- consequently trusting the world of online market space with their monetary transactions. It is definitely an effort worth investing your time and money on- as the curiosity to expand and understand new trends can lead Indians to a technological development. Hence, it is safe to say that “assisted e-commerce” can really boost the confidence of people and slowly drive India towards a much-required digitalization.

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