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The rural and semi-urban areas across the nation carry such a huge potential to develop into big, sustainable localities- just like the rest of the urban parts of the nation. All they need is a little nudge in the right direction, and an open mind towards the changes that can be implemented.

With the rest of the nation running swiftly ahead into a world of technology, these major chunks of the country still struggle to own and understand the basic functionalities of a smart phone. It is a long way before we can completely turn into a tech-savvy nation, where the majority of the population can understand and avail the benefits of internet spaces and e-Commerce.

However, the buck doesn’t stop there. At India Buys, we aim to bridge the gap between the world of e-Commerce and local populations of such rural and semi-urban areas. With the right kind of support- can are sure to achieve the same.

Lack of awareness and exposure to the utilities of such services is the main reason for this ignorance. There are other causes like unavailability of good internet connectivity, smart devices, etc. that hamper the usage of e-commerce in the rural areas. This ignorance paves a way to baseless misconceptions that float among the majority of the rural and semi-urban population who don’t fully understand the process of how these online purchases work and thus, refrain from getting on with it.

The solution arrives in the form of a business model called the “Assisted e-commerce”. This is a simple process that requires a very small initial investment from the store owner in a rural area, and can really boost the world of e-commerce for good.

After our intricate analysis of this market’s potential, we have figured the 4 barriers that e-Commerce will have to overcome in rural and semi urban areas in order to grow bigger and better:

Lack of knowledge on e-Commerce :

For someone who has barely used a smart phone or a computer, it is difficult to understand how the world of e-Commerce looks and functions. At India Buys, we plans to establish our services in a way that each local store owner can assist the customer throughout the process of online purchasing. Help them understand its features, services and functionalities.


A majority of these technologically laid back people are vaguely aware of the development do carry a capability to learn quickly and adapt to a customer-friendly space.

Insufficient technological advancement:

Not everyone has easy access to the devices required to place orders online. Let alone have the good internet connectivity. Thus, they find it easier and hassle free to go out and make purchases from the market directly. Even if forgoing the lucrative discounts and offers online is the price they have to pay. This is something that the internet enabled local stores.

India Buys comes into picture. We ensure that these customers and can order anything and everything that need, with the assistance of the store owner.

Established local market trust:

The local business owners, even though expensive, are trusted by their customers based on their face-value and years of business exchange. Their physical presence, and the fact that the customer can instantly walk home with the product, is something that still is a major challenge considering the time it takes to deliver in such remote areas. Thus, breaking this cycle is going to be difficult, but when India Buys store owners educate the customers of huge price differences and discounts that are available online, it would be easier to have these potential customers to prefer online purchasing.

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